Target Markets

Verhoeve Environment & Water aims to be a valuable partner in multiple target markets, projects for soil quality care, dust control, water treatment and energy systems.

Products and Services:

  • (In situ) soil remediation through various techniques;
  • Takeover of liabilities and responsibilities according to results commitments;
  • Design and construction of dust control facilities;
  • Design and construction of various (waste) water treatment plants;
  • Construction of gas stations and soil protection measures;
  • Fire hydrants;
  • Groundposition/acquisition of plots;
  • Financing and development.

designs and realizations


In-situ bodemsanering




Sloop/sanering en infrastructuur


Circulaire concepten

For Construction companies & developers

We proactively recognize opportunities for developmental projects and the feasibility of construction projects. Through entrepreneurial action and in partnership with construction companies & developers, we take over the responsibility for soil quality care, the spatial layout of your site or anything else surrounding buildings and houses. In short, we care for your precious environment.


Products and services for construction companies & developers:

  • Costs and operating plan quick scans;
  • Spatial development;
  • Soil remediation on a lump sum base and taking over of risk liabilities;
  • Area planning

For Governments

For almost 30 years, we have been serving larger and smaller authorities such as regions, provinces, water boards and municipalities. We are attentive to procedures and practices of governments.



  • Implementation of (in situ) soil remediation;
  • Water treatment and purification;
  • Irrigation works and sustainable water management;
  • Artwork and water fountains.
  • Fire hydrants;

For Agricultural Sector

We carry out services and work activities for the agricultural sector.

Greenhouse Horticulture – Amovering:

Verhoeve Milieu & Water is an experienced partner in the field of research, remediation, demolition, removal and redevelopment of greenhouse horticulture areas.

Water purification:

Do you meet the legislation of the greenhouse horticulture?

Before January 1st  2018, individuals and collective companies must comply to the legislation. The challenge is major: determining and defining a business plan, identifying water flows and reuse opportunities. Collectively or individually? Collect and periodically purification or continuously?

Verhoeve works on a standard installation that meets the certification requirement. Outline for rhetorical analysis essay. This installation can be used  individually or collectively. Rent, purchase or lease with a service contract. Everything is negotiable to come to the most appropriate solution.

We give support during the process formation! We help you to make a decision between individually or collectively, temporarily or continuously. This can be custom-made for your company. 

Curious about what fits your company?

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For Partners and Licensees

Partnerships, licensing or sub dealerships for Verhoeve’s special techniques and products are available. Based on (semi-) exclusiveness in specific submarkets we provide licenses or programs for the use and distribution of products, as well as training programs for the transfer of specific knowledge.


Verhoeve Milieu & Water is an authorized dealer of Agro Zone ozone generators. From small to large. We supply and install your new generator. In addition, we can offer you a service agreement according to your need.

ISCO – ozone

Verhoeve Environment & Water is very well expienced in In Situ Chemical Oxidation through ozone. With specially developed filters, a mixture of ozone gas and hydrogen peroxide is injected into the soil so that OH radicals are formed. These radicals ensure a rapid chemical reaction and decomposition of various contaminants to harmless compounds, within a few months execution time. Applicable in generally sandy or silty soils.

ISCR – Granul-X®

In Situ Chemical Reduction: Verhoeve Environment & Water owns a patent for the manufacturing and application of Granul-X ® in the field of soil and water. Granul-X ® is a lightweight porous reactive material based on zerovalent iron and offers a cheap alternative to similar products. Through Granul-X ®, funnel and gate reactive barriers or structures can be built. Applicable in all soils.


Verhoeve Environment & Water is patent holder in Italy, France, Taiwan, China, Canada and Australia for the application of direct current through electrodes in contaminated soils. Electro-reclamation is suitable for the removal of inorganic components, such as heavy metals and organic compounds, such as cyanide and PCB’s. Applicable in both unsaturated and saturated zones of clayey and sandy soils and peat.


Verhoeve Environment & Water is patent holder for applying the heating of soil by means of alternating current. The heating of soil results in a better conductivity, solubility and accessibility of impurities such as chlorinated solvents, mineral oils, BTEX, PAH and phenols. A combination with multi-phase extraction accelerates remediation. By raising the temperature, biological activity strongly increases, speeding up the biodegradation and “polishing” phase. Applicable in all types of soil.