Electro reclamation Nantong China

Technique:         Electro-Reclamation
Location:             Nantong, China
Period:                 2018 – 2019

Advanced Oxidation AOP5-unit

Technique:         O3, H2O2 and UV
Location:             –
Period:                 –

Circulair solution for wastewater: ZuNuRec

Technique:         Ion exchange
Location:             St.-Katelijne-Waver, BE
Period:                 2018

Soil remediation chlorinated solvents (VOCL)

Technique:         P&T, MPE and air sparging
Location:             Rotterdam, NL
Period:                 2014 – present

Large-scale soil remediation Maarheeze

Technique:         Excavation
Location:             Maarheeze, NL
Period:                 2015

Soil industrial heritage

Technique:         Excavation
Location:             Muiden, NL
Period:                 2017 – present

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