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Soil & Water quality

Verhoeve Milieu and Water is an innovative contracting company with a focus on soil and water remediation and general works in our environment. 

Verhoeve Milieu and Water is a specialist in turn-key solutions for more than 30 years!

About Verhoeve

More than 30 years of experience in solving soil and water challenges. Integrated A to Z or as a sub-project, but always with a focus on practical matters. High value through experience and expertise.

The employees of Verhoeve Environment and Water are a healthy mix of enthusiastic and innovative technicians, each with their own experience and discipline. As a result, we are in a good position to independently implement the most diverse projects. Our business operations are fully certified.


Latest News

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Ralf Verschoor
Project manager

‘Understand our customer and always ready to perform’

Petra Geldof
Project engineer

‘Being one of the most innovative soil and water companies in Belgium’

Edward van de Ven
Consultant Soil & Energy

‘To design Sustainable concepts in our workfield’

Wil Brabers
Project manager

‘Showing passion in our projects’

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