Sustainable and social responsibility are important items in today’s entrepreneurship.

Verhoeve Milieu & Water realizes that the emission of CO2 during the operations and implementations of projects is inevitable. However, we also realize that there is also a responsibility to reduce these emissions as much as possible.

Verhoeve attaches great importance to continuous improvement regarding sustainability and reduction of the CO2 emissions. We have made a portfolio under the aegis of the Aurora Group, containing the CO2 footprint of the base year 2020 and an inventory of the reduction possibilities.

With the portfolio  as a starting point, the management has established an Energy Management Action Plan (EMA) that includes the reduction targets.

The main focus is making the soil remediation and water treatment units energy efficient and use green energy where it is possible. Other attention points are energy efficient devices, a fleet vehicle with a reduced CO2 emission.

With this working method, the Aurora Group (Verhoeve Milieu en Water, Verhoeve Groep Belgium, Buro Antares en Agrozone Europe) has achieved the third step of the CO2 performance scale. For more information, see the website SKAO and our Certification CO2 step 3.

The progress of the reduction targets and reports (including CO2 footprint) will be regularly updated on this web page. 

Initiatives: CO2 emissions in soil remediation techniques

The new innovative heating technique for the remediation of the soil and a CO2 reduction was achieved on two projects. This concerns the application of heat pumps for heating up the soil for accelerated biological degradation of the contaminated components.

A reduction of 80,000 kWh, which is also 40,000 kg CO2, was achieved on two projects. Great profit can be obtained by using sustainable techniques in our installations in the field of soil and water treatment. A first step has been made.

Through Bream we have gained knowledge about sustainable buildings and solutions for reducing our direct emissions. This has led to an investment in LED lights at the Dordrecht, Wehl, Loenen and Antwerp locations.

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