From a to Z ! Our strength is to come up with a practical solution whereby the risks for our clients can be minimized. In our laboratory / test room we have various options for testing a purification concept on a small scale. We have a wide range of modular purification equipment to use, so that we can scale up the concept to a pilot unit on location in a fairly simple manner. Even in the event of an emergency, we can mobilize on site quickly to install the facilities needed so that you can focus on your process. We are available 24/7!

Our purification techniques can mainly be divided into:

  • Physical purification (polymerization / coagulation, settling, (partial) filtration) and RO / UF
  • Biological treatment (aerobic and / or anaerobic sludge or fermentation system)
  • Chemical purification (oxidation with UV (-C), ozone or hydrogen peroxide / Fe₂SO₄ (Fentons) or permanganate)

We are happy to be challenged for the best solution, which we implement together with you in the process. We can also support you in the provision of maintenance, service and monitoring of the process installation. We have installed our service and maintenance work with Verhoeve Service and Maintenance.

  • March 21, 2019by Verhoeve