Chlorinated solvents are considered to be complex contaminants in soil and groundwater. Remediation of these contaminants must generally be tackled with different techniques to ensure a successful project. Verhoeve Milieu & Water is one of the most experienced and specialized contractors in this type of pollution. We own more than 25 years of experience as an environmental contractor and we have developed a number of techniques ourselves for remediation of source and plume zones in different soil types:

  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation – Ozone
  • In Situ Chemical Reduction – Granul-X®
  • Electronic (bio) reclamation
  • Anaerobic degradation through direct injections or recycling of extracted groundwater
  • Aerobic degradation.

Successful projects are characterized by implementation and combination of some of the above techniques. Various projects were carried out with TNO / Deltares for the combination between chemical techniques and biological after-treatment, as well as VITO for determining the biological activity after treatment with chemical techniques from a site. In collaboration with Deltares, Verhoeve has also manufactured a carbon source: VCS® (Verhoeve Carbon Source).

In poorly permeable soils, the combination between electro (bio) reclamation and anaerobic biodegradation is a suitable solution. After all, warming up the soil results in better solubility and availability of the chlorinated compounds that can therefore be tackled better biologically.

Sustainable remediation without much aftercare? This is possible with a Permeable reactive wall (PRB)or a so-called “funnel & gate system”. This wall can easily be installed to approximately 8 m – mv. And filled with Granul-X®. A reactive and well-permeable material with a base of zero valent iron, whereby VOCL contaminants are reduced to ethanes and ethenes.


Based on the local soil structure, the contamination, soil parameters, remediation target values and of course the time factor, we make designs for soil remediation and regularly implement them on a lump-sum basis. We test proposed remediation options in advance in our own testing room.

Decreasing of project risks?
For companies and governments we take over the responsibility for soil remediation of chlorinated solvents at VOCL sites. With our technical methods and our knowledge of special contract forms and agreements, we can create long-term contracts and take over responsibilities for remediation of a site for a long time frame.

  • March 21, 2019by Verhoeve