Verhoeve Milieu & Water has many years of experience in carrying out in-situ soil remediation projects. We have the availability of various (own) techniques and therefore we are able to remediate various contaminants. Important aspects in our business if the decreasing of project risks for clients and being a good ‘housekeeper’ on the site.

Products and services

Verhoeve Milieu & Water offers various products and services. A selection from our In-Situ remediation techniques:

  • Multi Phase Extraction (LNPAL removal)
  • Electro Reclamation (ER)
  • Electro Bio Reclamatino (EbR)
  • Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)
  • Chemical Reduction (ISCR)
  • Airsparging
  • Vapour Air Extraction
  • Aerobic biodegradation
  • Anaerobic biodegradation


  • November 7, 2018by Volcano