A wide range of test facilities!
Verhoeve has considerably expanded its range of test facilities in recent years. The reason is the growing need to be able to answer research questions independently. In addition, more and more specific information is needed to make an optimal consideration in the choice of a design. By carrying out this within our own organization, the research process can be conducted efficiently. In addition, the process can be better adjusted if internal results are a trigger for this.

The tests that we perform at our laboratory (Dordrecht) are primarily intended to determine the feasibility of certain techniques. This applies to both our in-situ soil remediation projects and to the water treatment projects. The interim measurements are carried out in-house, which means that a good first indication can be obtained quickly. After selection of the most suitable technology, an optimization phase can take place on a pilot scale if desired. This allows the concept to be tested on a semi-industrial scale, which facilitates full-scale implementation. These tests therefore preferably take place at our client’s location. As a final phase, the results are verified by an externally accredited laboratory and processed in a clear report.

The test facilities are also used in process control for our current projects. Periodic monitoring can be used to determine whether the objective of the project is still on track relative to the pre-formulated assumptions. If necessary, the process can be adjusted accordingly. In this way the quality and the objective of the project is guaranteed to the great satisfaction of our customers. A real win-win situation!

In addition to commercial and process-oriented activities, an important objective of the laboratory is to support our internal and external Research & Development.

  • March 21, 2019by Verhoeve