We contract large and small demolition works for buildings and warehouses. We are working on preparation works on sites for construction, taking care of construction work and installing sewerage or any soil protection facilities.

Combined with soil protection facilities, a thorough drainage facility or industrial sewage system for waste water is realized. The wastewater treatment takes place frequently with an oil-water separator to be installed. A Proof of installation is provided with a certificate for the soil protection agency.

For a new environment around a gas station, a new construction or development, Verhoeve Milieu & Water also provides demolition works and infrastructural facilities for building and residential development. This concerns, for example, the construction of sewerage, cables and pipes, roads, green areas and infiltration facilities.

Verhoeve Milieu & Water carries out these projects under a very high safety standard and regulations as we are frequently employed in complex locations such as industrial environments or inner-city areas.

Disposal and reuse of soil is  very important. We have the know-how for analysis, separation, application, reuse or cleaning of soils. Thanks to our knowledge in the market, we are able to realize optimum cost savings between supply and demand, which means that some projects are taken over integrally.

We have experience in setting up, supervising and certifying Temporary Storage Sites for land (TOP) (according to BRL9335). The management and operation of some TOPs, land banks or landfills has been taken over by Verhoeve so that certain operating risks for our customers are covered.

  • November 7, 2018by Volcano