Verhoeve is carrying out a feasibility study for the reuse of valuable pollutants from the water!

At the moment, large waste streams are simply discharged. Verhoeve Milieu & Water has been awarded an amount for a feasibility study within the MKB subsidy program to stimulate innovation in the top sector Water. The aim of the study is to determine the feasibility and experimental development of the reuse of these water flows. Whilst, taking into account technical, financial and business aspects. The project can be seen as the first step towards a circular and globally leading industry (CO2 – performance ladder). In the first instance, the recovery and reuse of possible ‘valuable’ substances will be considered. An inventory will be made of possible subjects within the existing customer group. A desk study will be carried out for a limited number of possibilities and the technical possibilities will be determined in the testing environment of Verhoeve.  The most promising design can then be scaled up to a full-scale application if it is found to be suitable.

  • July 22, 2019by Verhoeve
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