This June we have started a new project for one of our regular customers in Hungary. This customer is currently performing a long-term field test to find the most suitable technique to tackle the groundwater pollution. The pollution in the groundwater is caused by an industrial site in the city centre of Budapest. In the past Verhoeve Milieu & Water have already conducted a field test with Perozox on this specific site. Perozox is a concept developed by Verhoeve Milieu & Water to tackle groundwater pollution by using Ozone injection. The results of the former field tests are looking very promising. Therefore, it will be very likely a full scale installation will be set to use in the future.

For the recently started project Verhoeve Milieu & Water have built a water treatment plant with a capacity of 15 m³/h. Both the water flow and the released air flow are cleaned by this installation. The installation, including telemetry, has been commissioned on June 5th. The regular on-site maintenance will be outsourced locally, but Verhoeve Milieu & Water will provide the major maintenance for the duration of 18 months.

  • June 25, 2019by Verhoeve
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