AOP5 the power of the combination!
Since January 1, 2018, the legislation regarding the discharge possibilities in greenhouse horticulture has changed with a purification obligation and various discharge restrictions of “new substances” such as PFOS and Gen-X as a result. Verhoeve Milieu & Water has developed a technology through “Advanced Oxidation” to meet the treatment obligation. The Advanced Oxidation 5 unit (AOP5 unit) has been manufactured here. AOP5 removes powerful and robust plant protection products (GBM), pathogens and various recalcitrant substances. The innovative techniques ozone (O3), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and Ultraviolet (UV) are combined and processed in a (mobile) 20-foot container.

The container is equipped with an influent, effluent and an extra buffer that can optionally be used for additional purification of a resin or carbon filter. The influent is first purified by means of a sand filter. Optionally, a flocculant may be added to the influent water (for the sand filter). By adding a flocculant, organic particles coagulate, making it easier to remove the particles through the sand filter.

The drain water is subsequently treated successively with ozone, hydrogen peroxide and the last to pass two UV reactors. The entire installation can be controlled and monitored remotely by an expert operator.

The Purification Greenhouse Horticulture Assessment Committee (BZG) has assessed the unit for operation and maintenance. BZG has approved and certified the unit. The unit achieves the purification efficiency of ≥95% for all active substances from Standard Water and therefore meets the set norm value of, among other things, GBM.