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About 30 years of experience in the industry of soil and water generates a wealth of expertise within our

The staff of Verhoeve Milieu & Water organization is a healthy mix of experienced professionals and enthusiastic young performers. With this mix we are well equipped to develop and execute the most divergent projects. Our business is fully certified.

'Wij staan voor 30 jaar innovatieve bodem- en waterkwaliteitszorg'
Art Lobs, Algemeen directeur / zaakvoerder



Creating of

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Projects in soil and water quality care and the overall design of our environment.


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We create solutions for complex soil and water problems and deliver with care and attention for customer and



sustainability and partnership

Staan centraal in onze bedrijfsvoering. Van visie tot en met implementatie van diverse specifieke technieken en producten.


Verhoeve Environment & Water was founded in 1987 aiming to target soil contamination and was one of the first remediation companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. As markets, the environment and laws and litigations changed, the company naturally evolved with them. Since the nineties, the water component has become more important. Sanitation and purification installations for remediation were built in-house. Over time, great strides have been made in the development of in situ remediation and the construction of irrigation works for sports and recreation. Verhoeve Environment & Water was the first company to design, construct and maintain large scale golf course irrigation systems and has since become market leader in this industry.

After 2000, the company started operating international. In 2006, the subsidiary Verhoeve group Belgium was founded. Activities have been widened, with strong emphasis on the design and deploy of operational processes in soil and water quality care, the extent of which shows in our specialized and customized contracts, the takeover of commitments and risks and plenty of technical solutions for in situ remediation, irrigation, dust and fire prevention and sustainable energy systems. In short: your partner for improvement of the environment.

Sustainability / Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

Corporate responsibility

Our goal is to improve the durability of the environment. Remediation of soils and water flows and preventing drought and dust. By means of an annual Research and Development program we are always on the lookout for more sustainable solutions and techniques to integrate into our designs and projects. Some examples: ecological water treatment such as halophyte filters; heat and cold storage with a full return exchanger; energy extraction from hydropower or water streams and computer controlled reduction of irrigation water


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