About Verhoeve

'Since 1987'

More than 30 years of experience in solving soil- and water problems. Integral from A to Z or as a sub-project, but always with a focus  of pratical. High Value through experience and expertise.

The employees of Verhoeve Milieu and Water are a healthy mix of enthusiastic and innovative technicians, each with their own experience and discipline. As a result, we are in a good position to independently fullfil the most diverse projects. Our operations are fully certified.

'We stand for 30 years of innovations in soil and water treatment'
Art Lobs, CEO
Verhoeve Milieu & Water

Mission Statement



Added value

Creating added value in projects in the field of soil and water treatment and general works in our environment


We design


We design solutions for soil and water contaminations and perform these with highest attention for our customer and environment. 



Sustainability and partnership

Innovation, sustainability and partnership are the base of our business activities. From the start with a strategy up to implementation of specific technologies and products.


Verhoeve Milieu and Water already has a rich history. The company was founded in 1987 with the aim of remediation of soil contamination and was one of the first remediation companies in the Netherlands. 

A change in the market, environment and legislation  led to a natural evolution of the company. The water component has become more important since the 1990s. Units and installations were designed and built for soil remediation by the company itself. Major steps were taken in the development of In-Situ remediation and technical installations. In the soil remediation market segment, Verhoeve is growing into one of the larger market parties that controls all facets of (In-Situ) soil remediation.

Sustainability / Social awareness

Corporate responsibility

Our objective is to imporove our enviroment. Important components of this objective are the remediation of contaminated sites & water treatment. Sustainability is integrated into our designs and realizations within these fields. We have a focus on sustainability in our solutions and techniques through an annual Research and Development program. These may, for example, consist of ecological water purifications such as wetlands,  the application of heat-cold storage systems with a profitable exchanger, the solar panel systems or a water stream and the useful storage and re-use of this energy. 

Verhoeve Milieu and Water believes that continuous improvement with regard to the reduction of CO2 emissions is highly important, which can also be achieved through the above developments. To monitor and optimize the reduction of CO2, Verhoeve Milieu and Water has drawn up a portfolio under the flag of the Aurora Group containing the CO2 footprint and an inventory of the reduction options for the coming years. Following the acquisition of Agrozone Europe BV, the new base year was determined based on 2020 data.


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